International Student Essay Contest '23

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Participate In International Student Essay Contest '23

Essay writing is an art, which brings out your writing skill. It is an art, through which you pen down your knowledge and perception about the given topic. GEMA is a highly acclaimed After School Activity Platform, that brings together technology to the education sector and providing requisite support to students, parents and school administrations.

Our intent is to make writing related writing extracurricular activities accessible through technology-driven solutions. We encourage participants to develop not only the skills of penning down their thoughts but also creativity, research, and organization skills. We believe in the enrichment of society by empowering young individuals with constructive thinking for creating positive ambience for the overall societal growth.

The whole idea of this setup is to be a platform where kids from across the world can share their opinions on different topics. This gives them a sense of global citizenship and where they stand globally in terms of understanding on a particular topic.

Participants should write in english language without copying from google. Participants are free to choose any title of their own on the given topic. The participants should present their essay in a convincing way so that the essay does not look like a mundane article created by easily available data from the internet.

Last date of Registration & Submission: 12 March '23 midnight (UTC Time)

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"We aim at inspiring our students to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more in their respective journeys of life."


Our Promise

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Judgement Criteria

All the essays will be judged on the basis of your logic, literature survey, writing style, innovation, structure, etc. Participants should write point wise with proper logic. 

We appreciate simple ideas but always discourage copied content even though it looks attractive. The essay should bring out all the details about a particular topic. Participants should do a lot of research before writing the essay. This will definitely enhance the knowledge of the participants in the specific field.

Participants are free to create their own structure by providing all the information about the topic without copying from the internet. 

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Amazing Prizes for Winners & Participants

There are 3 Winners in each Category. Gold, Silver, Bronze Trophies. Winners will get Trophies, Medals, Certificates, GEMA’s Signature 1 Month Story Writing Training Course: ‘Budding Author’ worth $100 and Kidzania Passes.

There is a School Level Winner from each school where there are minimum 50 participants. Winners will get a Gold Medal, $100 worth GEMA’s Signature Training Program: Budding Author for 1 month, certificate, and story publication on our website and quarterly newsletter, sent to over 6000 schools world wide.

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$100 Cash prize for the Winner

5 Appreciation Medals for outstanding Essays in each group
Every participant will get a certificate!

Competition Guidelines

How to Participate

Its a 3 Step Process: Register – Payment – Upload Essay file.
Registration: Fill the Form above to register. It will redirect you to the payment page, once paid it will redirect you to the essay upload form.
Language : English
Title: Participants are free to choose any title of their own on the given topic.

Format:  Recommended font is Arial, Font Size is 12, Font Color is Black.
Nationality : Any 
Categories : Three ( Sub Junior, Junior & Senior Category) 
Fee: $10
Submission: Fill the the form above, Pay the Fee in Next Step and then in 3rd Step submit Essay in word file/doc file
Image: Optional


Only one entry is accepted per person.
The contest will be in three categories:
(a) Sub-junior (grade 3 to 5)
(b) Junior (grade 6 to 8)
(c) Senior(grade 9 to 12)

The minimum required length of the story is as follows: 
(a) Sub-junior (grade 3-5) = 300 words min – no max limit
(b) Junior (grade 6-8) = 500 words min – no max limit
(c) Senior(grade 9-12) = 700 words min – no max limit


(1) Sub junior – “The first book you Read.”

(2) Junior – “How Artificial Intelligence is changing the world.”

(3) Senior – “The pros & cons of online retail.”

Preparing your Entry

Essay can be written only In English Language, as a typed doc file only. We don’t accept handwritten entries.

Mention the following information below your story:
(a) Full name
(b) Date of birth
(c) Category entered
(d) Transaction Number as generated by Stripe once Entry Fee is paid
(e) Title of your essay
(f) Email address (optional) – parent’s/teacher’s email address can be used here if necessary
(g) School name
(h) Country.


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Our Mission

From Amateur to Champion: Farzan Tyagi's Journey of International Story Writing Competition

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Compete with students from 27 Countries

We help new talent go pro, award life-changing opportunity of being a published writer to book as Paperback and E-Book to be sold globally in 150+ countries, and promote student authors worldwide. If you are less than or equal to 18 years of age, you can write a wonderful story and enter the contest. We choose the winners on the basis of originality, characterization, Plot, Theme, Setting & Atmosphere, Mechanics, Writing Quality and Passion.

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We have a Limited Space so its not possible to include all 200 participating schools, but we are deeply indebted to each and everyone for your kind association with GEMA International Story Writing Competition.

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